What is Email Marketing? Advantages of Email Marketing

By | October 6, 2019

Almost everyone using the Internet has basic information about email. These people know what email is? How to create Email Account? What does Email Address Mean? How to create Email ID? If you also know how to create Email Account, then congratulations to you. And if you do not know the meaning of email, then you have no need to worry. Because in this Lesson we are giving you complete information about Email.

What is Email Marketing?

Any kind of marketing in which email is mainly used, it is called email marketing. Now it can be understood better by example. I have also selected some examples which are used in real life as email marketing.

Suppose if there is a blogger, who has gathered email addresses of a lot of people. If that blogger whenever he publishes a new blog post on his blog and sends his link to all those people via email, then a lot of traffic can come to his blog. This is a live example of email marketing.

Now whenever we publish a new blog post on our blog, the email addresses which are subscribed with us, we send them updates. Actually, we do all this manually but not by using some email marketing tools automatically. We will learn about them further.

Apart from this, email marketing can be used in many other ways. For example, an affiliate can use email marketing to promote their products. If there is an eCommerce website, then he can use it to increase the engagement of his customers.

Email marketing is also used to provide different types of notifications. Like you keep getting updates from your Facebook account on your email. These are all examples of email marketing. This way you can estimate how much email marketing is needed for any business.

How Email Marketing Works?

Friends! What is email marketing? Taking information about this subject. I will tell you in next post how it is done. But, I give you the whole idea. How this entire process or system is done.

1. Step: – First of all we have to decide why we have to do email marketing? Meaning we have to decide whether we have to promote a new startup or just bring traffic to the website. So, what kind of content do we have to write in the mail or which audience is targeted. Its planning needs to be prepared well in advance. So that our work becomes easy next.

2. Step: – Now in the second stage, we have to do list building. That is, we have to collect emails. So, further, we can send emails to each one. To collect emails, you must have a blog or website. After that, you can collect mail id in two ways. One, we can put the newsletter form in the widget. Or the easiest way is to give a facility to comment visitors under your article. In this way, we will have id along with name of the dice.

3. Step: – After just two stops, we will have a lot of email list stores. Now sending emails should start. but how? Sending mail manually to so many subscribers is quite a difficult task. So you only think how this can be done. Friends! Email marketing tools are used for this. It can also be called software. These are tools like this. Using this, we can easily run a campaign.

Meaning, by designing a good template in this tools, we can send an email to all the subscribers simultaneously by adding a link to the new post in it. That too with his name. The front when the email reads. So he feels as if he has been sent by writing only. However, it is done with the help of all process tools. This is a list of some of the top email marketing software below.

Advantages of Email Marketing

I have told you a lot of things through the example and try to understand, I do not think you need to tell me more or the benefits of email marketing. But I am telling you a few tips here in Sabdo

Promote your business You can promote your business through email marketing. You can give information about your services, products.
Meet your customer You can talk to your customers by direct email, encouraging them to buy your product.

With Drive Traffic email marketing you can get a lot of traffic, visitors.
Add Subscribe box, you must install Subscribe Box in your website so that the new user can also know about the new updates coming in your website.

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