Top 14 Plugin For Word Press Theme

By | October 1, 2019

Many local and online businesses have always been capable of self-promotion methods. Directory websites have very high traffic potential as well as monetization opportunities. A directory caters to every need from the WordPress Directory Themes to the listing of creating job boards and coupon sites for local businesses, tourist attractions, events and classifieds.

In WordPress you get many free plugins and themes, in which you can create a professional website and blog without any kind of knowledge of Coding and Programming Languages, so today we are going to tell you about the best WordPress plugins in WordPress which Make blogs and blogging better.

Because after setting up your blog on WordPress, the question comes that install a WordPress Plugin because you get thousands of free plugins in WordPress, so we are going to tell you about the Best WordPress Plugin which will be beneficial for you.

Top 10 Plug in For Word Press Thems

1: – Akismet: –

The biggest problem is the new website. That their site gets a lot of spam comments. By activating this plugin on the website, your website can avoid spam comments. This plugin filters spam comments. So you should put this plugin on the site.

2: – Yoast SEO: –

To bring traffic to the site, it is necessary to rank the website in search engines. And seo is necessary to get website in search engine. Using this plugin, you can do seo in your post the best way. This gives you absolutely basic information of seo. So you should keep this plugin as well.

3: – Jet pack: –

It is one of the popular plugins of WordPress. With the help of this plugin you can use advanced feature in your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can also view your site’s view stauts, site notifications, comments etc. If you are blogging. Then Jetpack may be a good plugin for you.

4: – Wp Super Cheche: –

This plugin keeps your website clean and speeds up your website. It is very important to keep this plugin. Because it is good to keep the site completely clean.

5: – All in SEO Pack: –

With this help you can submit the verification code of different web master on your site. Which will enable your site to rank in all search engines. And you will get good traffic from every search engine.

6: – Wp Smush: –

This plugin makes website pages, posts attractive. So that your visitors will be impressed by looking at your home layout. And you will also be motivated to visit your site again and again.

7: – Wp optimize: –

Keeps your site clean. Does not allow overloading on site. It absolutely keeps your site uptimise. It is also one of the essential plugins of WordPress.

8: – Broken Link Checker: –

This plugin checks your website’s broken links. Nothing is more useful than a broken link. This plugin tells you about broken links. With which you can get rid of broken links of your site.

9: – Social Icon: –

With this plugin, you can give social icons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in your post. It also looks very good. And its work is good.

Here are some important plugins for the WordPress site. Now let us tell you about some of the best loading themes of WordPress. If the loading time of a site is not much, then traffic comes more on it.

10. Captcha Plus

With over 25% of the web being operated by WordPress, security is a concern. It is always a good idea to add another layer of security to the login with WordPress login forms.

11. Bj Lazy Load

Images take longer to load than any other element, but after installing Bj Lazy Load on your site, your site images will load only when a user scrolls through your page. This lazy loading plugin greatly improves your page load time and also saves bandwidth.

12. All In One SEO

All In One SEO Pack is a Yoast SEO alternative plugin. You can download it by going to the WordPress repository. Additionally, it provides a one-page setting that makes its setup easy. All In One SEO has all the features of Yoast SEO.

13. CloudFlare Flexible SSL

As you all know that in WordPress we have to setup HTTPS for which most bloggers use CloudFlare because it provides free service. So when you setup cloudflare, then you face many problems like mix content, for that you can use this wordpress plugin, which you get help in setting up cloudflare.

14. Ad Inserter

The purpose of blogging for most people is to earn money by creating their own blog, for which we have to put Google ads in our blog, after which ads start coming on our blog.

For this, you can easily show ads wherever you want using this wordpress plugin, in which you are given different options for this.

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