How to Earn Money Know The Best Ways of 2019

By | October 29, 2019

There are many ways to earn money in the world but how to earn money? This question comes to the mind of almost everyone.

Some people get a job after studying, some people have money, they earn money by doing business, but some people neither get a good job nor do they have money to do business.

In such a situation, some people earn money by living there and live here.

But even after not getting a job and no money for business, some people have big dreams and they are looking for ways to do something big because they know that they have talent and they will definitely do something big one day.

We have created this post to inform such people about the right path and the best ways to earn money.

In this post, there are such ways to earn money, which need neither money nor any kind of technical knowledge to start.

Before giving information about how to earn money, let us tell you that all the methods given below are 100% confidant and using these methods will not cause any fraud with you.

You may already know about some of these methods, but you will definitely get some great new methods and you will be able to earn good money from them.

Before starting work, you must understand the wrong ways of earning money and save your money and time.

Before reading the information about earning money, tell you that this post has not given information about earning money from mobile. If you want to earn money from mobile, then see the post on how to earn money from mobile.

1. PPD Network

In the name of Pay Per Download, we can understand that it is a network that gives money for each download.

To earn money from PPD Network, you have to follow the steps below.

First of all, you have to create an account on good websites of PPD Networks.
Files (Softaware, Video, App, ETC.) have to be uploaded to their account after creating an account.

After uploading the files, you will get a link to download the file.
Through that Link, whoever opens Link to download that file will first see an advertisement or a survey.

The person will be able to download the file after seeing that advertisement or after completing the survey.

PPD networks pay us to watch that advertisement and complete the survey.
The PPD Network account in which you have uploaded that file, you will get money for viewing the advertisement and completing the survey.

In this way, you can earn good money by uploading software, apps, videos, etc. on PPD Websites.

Some confidant PPD website is given below.

  • Fileice (Survey)
  • Sharecash (Survey)
  • Indicash (without Survey)
  • Userscloud (Without Survey)

You will get money at different rates for each download on all websites. (Eg $ 0.50 to $ 2)

2. Videography

If you can make videos that people will like. Such as Comedy Videos, Teaching Videos, Dance Videos, Acting Videos, etc.

So you can earn very good money by making videos.

People are earning millions of rupees by making videos and uploading videos on Youtube, Unacademy and Dailymotion.

To earn money by making videos, you have to follow the steps given below.

The first is to choose one of the video platforms. You can choose any platform from Youtube, Unacademy and Dailymotion. (Best: Youtube)

After selecting the platform, an account has to be created on it, which we also call the channel, which is very easy.

After that, videos are made and editing has to be done to improve the videos.
After making the videos, the video has to be uploaded on the chosen video platform.
Now to reach more and more people, video has to be shared like Facebook, twitter Google Plus and Whastapp.

As soon as good traffic starts coming on your videos, then you have to monetize the videos.

You can use Adsense, Affiliate marketing etc. to monetize videos.
Now, the more people watch your videos, the more money you will be able to earn.

If you want to earn money from Youtube, then see the post How to Make Money from Youtube.

3. Blogging

People are earning millions of rupees every month by making a blog, anyone can earn money through blogging.

Even you can see my blog HTIPS only, I also earn money from it.

There is no need of any technical knowledge or Coding to start blogging. If you know how to run a little computer then you can earn money by blogging.

To start blogging, you have to follow the following steps.

The first thing to do is to create a blog by purchasing Domain name and hosting. (You can also create a blog in Free)

After the blog is created, you have to regularly publish and publish SEO Friendly Post on the blog.

Blog Traffic has to be done by ranking Blog Post in Search Engine.
When traffic starts coming on your blog, you can earn money in many ways by monetizing the blog.

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