How to Create Free Website? Benefits of Your Own Website

By | October 6, 2019

How to create a free website? How to create Free Blog? This question is often asked to me how to earn money from a blog. If you want to know that free website kaise banaye and want to create a new website, then the most easy way to do this is blogger. Blogger is Google’s free service. On Janha you can create your new website. And today there is a lot of website on Blogger and it is all free website. If you create a free website on another website, you cannot make money from it, but on Blogger you can make free website. You can also earn money by making We have already given information about how to earn money from a blog.

How to Create Free Website?

Online has many platfoms to make a blog but I would recommend blogger and wordpress to all of you as it is the best platforms to make a blog. Blogger is a service of google company which is totally free, but in wordpress you are paid for hosting and domain. If you are new to blogging, then you should also start from blogger itself, later you can move to wordpress. I am going to give you the information of blogger in this post, due to which I have told you above. So friends, let’s know how to create a website that is also absolutely free without any programming knowledge.

Step: 1. First of all open the chrome browser in your computer. You can use any browser, but I recommend chrome browser to everyone.

Step: 2. You have to enter in the address bar and come to the blogger website.

Step:3. Click on Create your blog option.

Step:4. Now log in with your gmail account. If you do not have a gmail account, first create a gmail account because blogger cannot be used without a gmail account.

Step:5. After logging in the Gmail account, the blogger website will open, now our real work starts.

Step:6. A new box will be displayed on your computer screen with the name of create a new blog.

Step: 7. In the first option of this box the title will be written, meaning you have to enter the title of your blog in the field in front of it. The next option address will mean that you have to write the address of your blog in the field in front of it. Remember that the address you are entering should be available. If it is not, then you will have to enter another address. After completing all these steps, select the theme of your blog and click on create blog option.

Step: 8. Your website will be ready in a few seconds and you can open it in a web browser and check whether it is working properly or not. Right now your blog will be completely empty because you have not published any new post yet. To publish a new post on your blog, click on the new post option in the posts option of your blogger dashboard.

Step:9. Npw, your website is ready and now you can gain good traffic from search engines by publishing new posts on it. You should tell all your friends about this blog how you did it, they will definitely be happy to hear your words.

Step:10. After creating a blog, you can easily set custom domain, theme, menu, color and everything. Remember, to increase traffic on the blog, you have to write a good post, only then you can get traffic from google. Right now your blog is new, so promote it on social media with your friends.

Benefits of Your Own Website

  • We bring ourselves into the world of Internet.
  • We can share our knowledge with the world.
  • People from all over the world will read our knowledge.
  • We can help people.
  • The more people will visit our website. We will become equally popular.
  • People will respect us.
  • The number of our followers will increase.
  • By publishing articles daily, our typing speed and writing skill improve.
  • Sharing knowledge with people and helping them brings great joy. This enhances your personality.
  • And most importantly, we will earn money sitting at home from our website.

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